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Astronomy Diary for March

Some astronomy highlights for viewing this month

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What`s in the Shetland Sky in 2019 ?

Weather Today Mossbank Shetland

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Astro Imaging without a Telescope


Some Suggestions for Binoculars


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The Voice of Jupiter 2014

Our first attempt to record Jupiter`s radio emissions

on 20.1Mhz ( June 2014 ) Listen to the files here .


Meteor Shower Camelopardalids 2014

Did you know you can also listen to meteor showers ?

Plots and Audio samples from the Camelopardalids !


Preliminary Report

Hurlers Stone Circles Project - Cornwall

Original Hurlers Story Here !



News from Around the Web

Israeli Spacecraft On Way to the Moon

Image: SpaceX

Israel's first moon mission has successfully launched

from Cape Canaveral aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket.

The Beresheet spacecraft, which is privately built, is

taking a long fuel-efficient route, gradually elongating its

orbit until passing close to the Moon to be captured by

its gravity. The spacecraft is also a time-capsule, with

hundreds of digital files on board, including a full version

of the Wikipedia encyclopedia. It will attempt a lunar

landing in April.


Hayabusa2 Touches Down on

Asteroid Ryugu

Image: JAXA - Sampler horn for collecting material for return to Earth in 2020

Image JAXA:Sampler horn to collect material for return to Earth 2020

Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)

announces that the Hayabusa2 spacecraft has

successfully touched down and taken a sample

of asteroid Ryugu which it has accompanied

since mid 2018. It fired a "bullet" into Ryugu at

close range, then gathered pieces of ejected

material using a "sampling horn".

The mission has made contact with the surface

several times before. The mothership previously

dropped two hopping rovers onto the asteroid

and a small lander (MASCOT) a few weeks later.

JAXA has a main mission page here


Goodbye Opportunity

Image from Opportunity's front hazard-avoidance camera:


Eight months after losing contact with the Opportunity

Rover on Mars, NASA announces that the mission has

come to an end.

"It is because of trailblazing missions such as

Opportunity that there will come a day when our brave

astronauts walk on the surface of Mars," said NASA

Administrator Jim Bridenstine. "And when that day

arrives, some portion of that first footprint will be

owned by the men and women of Opportunity, and

a little rover that defied the odds and did so much

in the name of exploration."


NASA Remembers: 7th February

Credit: NASA

On their annual day of remembrance, NASA

will pay tribute to agency members who lost

their lives while furthering the cause of

exploration and discovery. Those remembered

include the crews of Apollo 1, Challenger and


Video of Meteor over Sumburgh Head

Webcams at Sumburgh Head, Shetland, capture

a bright meteor streaming across the night sky.


Chinese Probe Chang'e 4 Lands on

Far Side of Moon

Credit: CNSA: First image taken by Chang'e 4 probe

China's robotic Chang'e 4 mission touched

down in the 115-mile-wide Von Kármán

Crater on 2nd Jan - the first soft landing on

the far side of the Moon. Chang'e 4 will

perform experiments to help improve our

understanding of the structure, formation

and evolution of our natural satellite

Read a report from the Chinese National Space Agency here


First 5Kg Scottish Satellites Launched

Image credit Credit: Isro

First two Glasgow built satellites, funded by UK

Space Agency, are launched. The tiny satellites

are designed to monitor weather and help combat

global climate change


InSight Lands Successfully on Mars

Mars Lander, InSight, lands successfully on Mars

and sends back first photo of its surroundings.

Its tweet on @NASAInSight:

"My first picture on #Mars! My lens cover isn’t off

yet, but I just had to show you a first look at my

new home. More status updates:

http://go.nasa.gov/InSightStatus  #MarsLanding"

Updates and background info are available

on NASA's InSight mission page: Here


26th November : Landing Day on Mars

NASA's InSight spacecraft is scheduled to land

on Mars on 26th November - the first landing for

6 years. NASA will be streaming coverage

from Mission Control here.

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