Video Topic of the Month 2014



Every month Macastrofix will create a playlist of videos on a given topic from around the net.

Good for those days when the weather is too bad for practical astronomy or ( if you live in Shetland )

it`s Summer and you've forgotten what the night sky looks like ...  when it never really gets dark..

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Saturn: Planet of the Rings - December 2014


Planet Earth  -  November 2014


Mission to Mars  -  October 2014


Venus, Earth's Sister Planet ?  -  September 2014


Mercury, Planet of Extremes  -  August 2014


Jupiter the Giant  -  July 2014


The Sun our Closest Star  -  June 2014


Asteroids & Co  -  May 2014












                                                                                                                                                                                                           Image:  wide-field infrared  survey (NASA /JPL)