Astronomy Events in 2017


Astronomy Events in June 2017 

It's too light to see the stars in Shetland just now
Events are posted here in case you're observing somewhere else !
Meantime, we're enjoying the sunlight...
1     M13 is well placed
2     Conjunction of Venus and Uranus
3     M12 is well placed
3     Close approach of Venus and Uranus
3      Venus at greatest elongation west
4      Close approach of the Moon and Jupiter
5      M10 is well placed
9      Full Moon
10    M92 is well placed
15    Saturn at opposition
18    IC4665 is well placed
19    Mercury at greatest brightness
20    Conjunction of the Moon and Venus
20    Close approach of the Moon and Venus
21    June solstice: occurs at 04:24 GMT. The North Pole will be tilted
        towards the Sun, which will have reached its northernmost position
       in the sky . This is the first day of summer (summer solstice)
24    Conjunction of the Moon and Mercury
28    NGC 6633 is well placed
28    Conjunction of Mercury and Mars

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