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Astronomy Diary for August

Animation Credit: NASA MSFC

Some astronomy highlights for viewing during 

August can be seen here...


What`s in the Shetland Sky in 2017?



Weather Today  Mossbank Shetland

                                                                             Live Video Stream and Weather Data


Astro Imaging without a Telescope

Some Suggestions for Binoculars


Free Online Courses

Courses in Astronomy, Physics, Astrobiology and more

starting soon


The Voice of Jupiter 2014

Our first attempt to record Jupiter`s radio emissions

on 20.1Mhz ( June 2014 ) Listen to the files here .


Meteor Shower Camelopardalids 2014

Did you know you can also listen to meteor showers ?

Plots and Audio samples from the Camelopardalids !


Preliminary Report

Hurlers Stone Circles Project - Cornwall

Original Hurlers Story Here !


News from Around the Web

Four Earth-sized Planets Found

Orbiting Sun-like Star

Scientists have discovered two new 'super-Earth'

planets which may be potentially habitable.

They are among four newly discovered planets

orbiting Tau Ceti, the nearest Sun-like star to

Earth, some 12 light years away.


Gravity Waves Detected in Sun's Interior

Image: SOHO

Scientists using data from the SOHO solar observatory

have found gravity waves in the Sun's interior that imply

the Sun’s core rotates four times faster than its surface


Did You Know?

Download Free E-books from NASA

Image: NASA

Did you know you can download NASA ebooks

from their website. Books are in the categories

History, Aeronautics and Science. Apps, ringtones

and podcasts are also available.


The Forgotten Life of Einstein's

First Wife

Image: Mileva Marić in 1896

Her husband, Albert Einstein is celebrated as

perhaps the best physicist of the century but

who remembers the brilliant scientist Mileva

Marić. How much did his first wife contribute

to Albert Einstein's groundbreaking science?


Robot BepiColumbo Meets its Masters

Image credit: ESA

Flight controllers for robotic explorer BepiColumbo

met ‘their’ spacecraft for the first time on 5th July.

BepiColombo is ESA's first mission to Mercury

and consists of two spacecraft: the ESA''s

Mercury Planetary Orbiter (MPO) and the

JAXA's Mercury Magnetospheric Orbiter (MMO).

MPO will study the surface / internal composition

of the planet, while MMO will study Mercury's



'Smallest - Ever' Star Discovered

Image source: Alexander von Boetticher et al.

Astronomers at the University of Cambridge on

the search for exo-planets have discovered a

'tiny' star. The star, known as EBLM J0555-57Ab,

is slightly bigger than Saturn and has a

gravitational pull 300 times stronger than Earth.

If it had been slightly less massive (about 83

Jupiter masses), there wouldn’t be enough

central pressure for hydrogen fusion to occur


Moon Dust Auction in New York

Image credit: NASA

Moon dust collected by Armstrong during the

first moon landing is to be sold at auction.

The lot, consisting of lunar dust and tiny rocks,

is worth about $2 to $4 million. Sotheby's is

auctioning items linked to space travel on

20th July, the 48th anniversary of the first

moon landing


Moon Express Unveils MX-1E Lunar Lander

Image credit: Moon Express (MX-1E spacecraft on the moon)

Moon Express confirms its first mission to the

Moon is still on schedule to launch by the end of

2017 with the aim of claiming the Google Lunar X

Prize. Future missions could also include large

landers and sample return spacecraft


'Gecko Glue' to Help Tidy Up Space Debris

Engineers at Stanford University have designed

a robotic gripper to help grab objects in space

using glue inspired by geckos


New Black Hole Found in Sagittarius

A Slice of Sagittarius: ESA/Hubble/NASA

Image credit: ESA/Hubble & NASA -  A slice of Sagittarius

An international team of astronomers led by

The University of Manchester have found

evidence of a new black hole in the Milky

Way, hidden in Sagittarius.


Cassini on Track for 'Grand Finale'

Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

Artist's concept of Cassini diving between Saturn and its innermost ring.

After passing close to Titan, a moon of Saturn,

the Cassini spacecraft has begun a series of

22 dives between the rings of Saturn itself.

Cassini will plunge into Saturn's atmosphere

later this year on 15 September. A wealth

of information on the Grand Finale and the

Cassini-Huygens mission is available from

NASA's news website here...


How to Make Bricks on Mars

Image credit: Jacobs School of Engineering/UC San Diego

Engineers at the University of California have

published a study on how astronauts could

create bricks purely from Martian soil. Their

method uses pressure to compact the soil:

no baking or extra ingredients necessary.


Mathematical Model for a Time Machine

Ben Tippett, a researcher at the University of

British Columbia, has created a formula to describe

a method of time travel. "People think of time travel

as something [from] fiction," says Tippett.

"And we tend to think it's not possible because we

don't actually do it. But, mathematically, it is


First Private Moon Landing in 2018 ?

Image credit: PTScientists

A group of European scientists are planning

to send a landing module and 2 rovers to the

Moon in 2018, launched aboard the SpaceX

Falcon 9 rocket. The mission plans to send

out two rovers to find NASA's moon buggy,

left behind on the final Apollo mission.


Giant Space X Rocket is Re-usable

Image: Space X

Space X's Falcon Heavy Rocket, once operational,

will be the most powerful rocket in the world. It will

also be recoverable and reusable !


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