Billy Williamson ( Shetland / Yell )


This section contains readings made by our good friend Billy Wiliamson who operates an experimental radio telescope from his house on the Isle of Yell in Shetland.

Billy has many years experience as a ship’s radio operator / technician and navigator.

At the heart of his self built system is a ship`s radar dome  ( originally part of a ship’s satsystem ) which is linked up to  a self built astroreceiver..

You can see images of Billy, the equipment he uses and samples of his results in the gallery below.




                                Billy & the Radio Telescope Dome                                   Radio Telescope -  Dome Entrance



                  Dish - Tracking System  ( inside the dome )                                 The Radio Dish  ( inside the dome ) 



  Billy at the Entrance to the Command Centre !                   




                          The Telescope Receiver                                                                    Inside the Telescope Receiver



                                     " Ready to go ? "                                                                               " Countdown 3 2 1 "



                                                                                      Signal Received -  Object Detected


                                                               Readings  :