The Roseland Observatory ( Cornwall )


We are affiliated to the Roseland Observatory in Cornwall

The Roseland Observatory is an astronomy center which offers astronomy courses and events to locals and holiday makers .

To find out more information please take a look at the Roseland Observatory`s Web Site  and the Observatory`s Facebook site . 




                            The Activity Room                                                 Brian Sheen and the 6 inch Refractor                                        The 7 inch Refractor


                            The 7 inch Refractor                                                 The 9 inch Newtonian Reflector                                        The 9 inch Newtonian Reflector


                          Blue Room to Area 51                                                    Helio Stat Operating Room                                                                     Helio Stat


                      Radio Solar Detector Dish                                                        Micro Meteorites CU                                                           Flux Gate Magnetometer


        Amora Radio Telescope under construction                                    Inside the Activity Room                                                          Group Telescopes


                                                                                                  Brian Sheen - Director of the Roseland Observatory