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Astronomy Diary for September

Animation Credit: NASA MSFC

Some astronomy highlights for viewing during 

September can be seen here...


What`s in the Shetland Sky in 2017?



Weather Today  Mossbank Shetland

                                                                             Live Video Stream and Weather Data


Astro Imaging without a Telescope

Some Suggestions for Binoculars


Free Online Courses

Courses in Astronomy, Physics, Astrobiology and more

starting soon


The Voice of Jupiter 2014

Our first attempt to record Jupiter`s radio emissions

on 20.1Mhz ( June 2014 ) Listen to the files here .


Meteor Shower Camelopardalids 2014

Did you know you can also listen to meteor showers ?

Plots and Audio samples from the Camelopardalids !


Preliminary Report

Hurlers Stone Circles Project - Cornwall

Original Hurlers Story Here !


News from Around the Web


Cassini`s GrandFinale

on September 15 . 2017

Message from Houston Space Centre

(Texas) After Hurricane Harvey

Image: Space Centre Houston

Mars Rover Opportunity Prepares for

Winter Stopover


As Winter approaches, Opportunity searches

for a good place to rest, tilted towards the

Sun to and recharge its solar batteries


New Study of Variable Stars

in the Pleiades

Credit: NASA / Aarhus University / T. White

Scientists have used a new algorithm and

data from the Kepler space telescope for the

most detailed study to date of the Seven

Sisters star cluster (the Pleiades)


Cressida: Uranus Moon that Would Float

in a Gigantic Tub of Water

Image: Erich Karkoschka/Univ. of Arizona, Voyager 2, NASA

Astronomers at the University of Idaho

(Moscow) have calculated Cressida’s density

and mass using variations in an inner ring of

the planet as Uranus passed in front of a

distant star.


The Tail of the Disappearing Comet

Getting ready to count shooting stars this

Autumn? Want to read a clear explanation

of meteor showers in plain English? 

Pop over to the Universe Aware site for

a clear run down of the basic facts

... not just for children !


Four Earth-sized Planets Found

Orbiting Sun-like Star

Scientists have discovered two new 'super-Earth'

planets which may be potentially habitable.

They are among four newly discovered planets

orbiting Tau Ceti, the nearest Sun-like star to

Earth, some 12 light years away.


Gravity Waves Detected in Sun's Interior

Image: SOHO

Scientists using data from the SOHO solar observatory

have found gravity waves in the Sun's interior that imply

the Sun’s core rotates four times faster than its surface


Did You Know?

Download Free E-books from NASA

Image: NASA

Did you know you can download NASA ebooks

from their website. Books are in the categories

History, Aeronautics and Science. Apps, ringtones

and podcasts are also available.


The Forgotten Life of Einstein's

First Wife

Image: Mileva Marić in 1896

Her husband, Albert Einstein is celebrated as

perhaps the best physicist of the century but

who remembers the brilliant scientist Mileva

Marić. How much did his first wife contribute

to Albert Einstein's groundbreaking science?


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