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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to You All !


Sandwick Junior High to Build

Community Observatory

Image: M Breimann

Sandwick Junior High School owns a 12” Dall Kirkham

telescope built by Lerwick amateur astronomer Billy Kay

in the 1960’s. A funding bid to the Jewsons Building

Better Communities fund has been launched, to enable

school and community to build a permanent dedicated

community observatory.

Click here for the Sandwick site.

Click here  to go to Jewsons Building Better

Communities site.

Astronomy Diary for December

Some astronomy highlights for viewing during

December can be seen here...

What`s in the Shetland Sky in 2018 ?

Weather Today Mossbank Shetland

Live Video Stream and Weather Data

Astro Imaging without a Telescope


Some Suggestions for Binoculars


Free Online Courses

Free courses in Astronomy, Physics, Astrobiology and more


The Voice of Jupiter 2014

Our first attempt to record Jupiter`s radio emissions

on 20.1Mhz ( June 2014 ) Listen to the files here .


Meteor Shower Camelopardalids 2014

Did you know you can also listen to meteor showers ?

Plots and Audio samples from the Camelopardalids !


Preliminary Report

Hurlers Stone Circles Project - Cornwall

Original Hurlers Story Here !



News from Around the Web

First 5Kg Scottish Satellites Launched

Image credit Credit: Isro

First two Glasgow built satellites, funded by UK

Space Agency, are launched. The tiny satellites

are designed to monitor weather and help combat

global climate change


InSight Lands Successfully on Mars

Mars Lander, InSight, lands successfully on Mars

and sends back first photo of its surroundings.

Its tweet on @NASAInSight:

"My first picture on #Mars! My lens cover isn’t off

yet, but I just had to show you a first look at my

new home. More status updates:

http://go.nasa.gov/InSightStatus  #MarsLanding"

Updates and background info are available

on NASA's InSight mission page: Here


26th November : Landing Day on Mars

NASA's InSight spacecraft is scheduled to land

on Mars on 26th November - the first landing for

6 years. NASA will be streaming coverage

from Mission Control here.

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